Heightened-Security Inc. creates security solutions for a wide range of residential and commercial clients. You’ll find our products in transportation facilities, high-end gated residential communities, private estates, institutional and municipal facilities, educational campuses, sensitive industry facilities and other facilities needing intrusion protection systems. Located in Southern California, our founders and leadership team possesses many years of experience in security, communications and property protection.


Heightened-Security’s products are 100% American-made and protected with U.S. Provisional Patents Pending – we offer security solutions for residential and commercial clients. 


Estate and Community Perimeter Security Systems: Questions You Should Ask

Whether you are securing the perimeter of your own home, or you are responsible for securing the perimeter of a...

Secure Your Gated Community Before You Wish You Had

Every year at robbing time (just as the snow birds are about to go home for the long summer) homes...

community security

Community Security System – Questions You Should Ask

Terms that every security integrator, officer, and informed client researching the best community security systems should ask before any money is...

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