Airport Security – Perimeter Protection

Airport security is a highly sensitive subject. Heightened-Security is affiliated with Safe Skies Inc., which is funded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) working with airports, government, and industry to maintain a safe and effective aviation security system (Source).





Heightened-Security’s different product lines are used to protect airport perimeters. Fence, wall, and ground access points are protected using our Intruder Defense Shield (IDS) and Ground Defense Shield (GDS).

At the security command center of an airport, there are too many aspects involved in the security system to actively monitor. The current systems in place have false alarms, rendering systems unreliable. Heightened-Security’s switches are placed in our products and customized to ensure only a certain amount of pressure (human weight) will set off an alarm.

Cameras are a great tool for monitoring a perimeter, but when there are several, it can be hard to efficiently monitor them. Though detection methods are used with cameras, the amount of nuisance alarms (false alarms) found in the systems can create a less than desirable security operation as well as a stressful monitoring environment. Heightened-Security’s detection methods can be integrated with existing or newly installed security camera’s to effectively monitor intrusions.