Community Security System – Questions You Should Ask

Terms that every security integrator, officer, and informed client researching the best community security systems should ask before any money is spent……

NAR: Nuisance Alarm Rate

This is the amount of false alarms expressed in a percentage that the system you are considering to buy will report a non-human contact with the wall, fence or ground you are protecting. Every manufacture should be asked this important question. What is your NAR?

Heightened-Security recorded a .02% NAR rate in a recent Engineering study at a Class A airport perimeter. A 99.92% catch rate. Weather and environmental animals existing around the perimeter should not affect your new system. Catch only human beings not skunks, cats, possums, racoons, squirrels, birds, etc.

Environmentally Protected

How long can the security product be expected to last in a desert or wet condition being blasted by the sun? UV protection is extremely important as the product will remain outside in every kind of poor weather condition.

Is it water proof? Important due to high relative humidity, rain, snow and hail conditions and protection from irrigation sprinklers and the daily amount of dew. Heightened-Security uses only waterproof vulcanized electrical switches in their installations. Bed liner UV protected armor over the entire system.

Capital Needed

Compare the total costs of procurement, installation and amount of time and assistance required to make it work. Find a system that is easily connected to all your existing cameras, alarms, monitoring funds already invested. Heightened-Security products all interface with every existing alarm panel and alarm in the industry.

Operational Yearly Maintenance Costs?

Find a system that does not require the trimming or clearing of any perimeter landscaping (at both the time of install and everyday afterward). Heightened-Security IDS system has no requirement or need no seasonal trimming of any landscaping.

Warranty Length and Conditions

A minimum of one year should be the goal. Heightened-Security warranty is one year for field components and three years on controllers.


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