Gated Community Patrol Guards – Communication of Intrusions

Gated community patrol is reliable to a certain extent. How do you safely notify roving patrols or hired guard services of a breach on your perimeter walls?

A reliable and stealthy technology has finally come to securing any large perimeter wall or fenced in facility. Using one system which for miles can perform all the necessary elements to keep your home or business perimeter and roof tops protected. The system can put up to forty zones set to activate up to 8 different alarms.

Heightened-Security now has a package alarm system which when activated can identify the location in real time to the inch of intruders coming over your walls at your large estate, homes, gated communities, industry yards, etc. or up on your roof. It notifies any secure phone by text where with visual GPS mapping the location of a person climbing onto a wall of fence. The package can also set off timed low voltage sound or light alarm outputs.

Most importantly…. without any harmful nuisance and expensive false alarms being generated. How is this possible?

Heightened-Security manufactures (and we also install) a system of utilizing electronic resistance measurement device relays which 65 times a second, monitors any perimeter wall or fence, roof top, access ladders, HVAC equipment, skylights, generators, etc. Being wireless means you can spread out multiple devices up to 6,500 feet away from any facility.

When roving patrols are out on large average facilities at night you cannot always be where you are needed. Using the HS1 system you can instantly be informed of human activity that is nefarious. There are no false alarms with our system. No weather or animal environmental conditions will activate our alarms.

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