Gated Community Security & Protection

A board/committee who oversees the management of a large HOA gated community are caught between the rising costs and needs of protection and keeping membership dues and assessments down.

In California, the crimes of burglary and home invasions are on the rise. Unfortunately, the age-old method of decorative concrete walls and iron or galvanized fences keeping intruders out is not enough. To combat this rising crime trend communities are trying to collectively protect the perimeter of their communities and a need for new technology has come about.

Older vibration based designed systems created twenty years ago for long fences create more problems than they solve. Daily false alarms, known as NAR (Nuisance Alarm Rates) from normal occurring environmental vibrations from cats, raccoons, possums, doves, hawks, road runners, squirrels, etc. and weather conditions such as rain, hail, wind blowing landscaping, etc. sent security patrols out chasing ghosts. Older triggers mechanisms like motion detectors, infra-red beams catch everything 98% of the time. Worst of all is the cost of capital and the upkeep needed for these older systems. Gated communities spend more on cutting back the overgrown landscaping which shutdown these systems seasonally than the crooks may steal! The systems are ugly and visible to residents who do not like to look like they live in a prison.

Now comes a new patent, a new technology to lower the cost, eliminate all the false alarms, lower the operational costs to operate and even repair the perimeter system which solves all those problems. Completely stealthy so no one knows a system exists.

Heightened-Security Inc. has a hidden electronic sensored system which can be mounted “inside” any concrete wall which informs security of the exact location of a real-time event of a human coming over.


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