Highway Construction Product Can Save Lives

The State of California uses over 40,000 miles of concrete highway construction barriers each year to protect workers and the public. One major component used for added protection on top of the concrete in construction areas is the use of Glare and Gawk Screens. Currently in California, these are made from large sheets of salvaged plywood, metal bolts, washers, nuts and long sharp metal piping. Every one of these components during an accident unfortunately causes further property damages, personal injuries and deaths each year. If not directly struck by a vehicle, the resulting parts spew all over the highway causing tire and further damage or accidents.

Heightened- Security has come up with an alternative to these dangerous materials while helping our environment.

Replacing hundreds of pounds of wood and metal per each twenty-foot section is forty pounds of safe recycled foam. All the metal parts are replaced with embedded lightweight breakaway PVC piping so there is nothing to harm the occupants or vehicles. Connections between the new Traffic Shields are also made with PVC. This product has numerous advantages over the old wood and metal products.

  • Recycled products rather than trees.
  • Cost saving. The new Traffic Shields are reusable up to ten times longer than the deteriorating wood products.
  • Lightweight, save on the shipping and handling
  • Easy to put on and take off the concrete without any tools by fewer workers.
  • Will not deteriorate out on the highway during inclement weather like the wood and metal.
  • Storable and stackable offsite when not in use.
  • Safe for construction workers to put on and take off quickly
  • Approved by CALTRANS for use on all state highways.

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