Perimeter Data Communication is Key for Security Operations

Having a security system of any type placed out on any wall or fence around your estate, home gated community or business perimeter is worthless unless it can convey in real time what is occurring. Perimeter data communication is key for security operations.


First the event must be accurately triggered. Unless an intruder is recognized as an actual human intrusion (not an animal or weather event) the system is worthless. A good system must not allow false alarms.


Logging, all triggered events is extremely important. Consistent data that is compiled can be analyzed and studied so preventative actions may be taken for the future.


Perimeter technology today utilizes new advances in the cameras ability to “see” out into the far reaches of any perimeter in daylight or night time scenarios. Getting that data and sending it to a smart phone or dispatch center monitor is key to “see” what is happening. The utilization of fiber as a data communication tool is that KEY. Given the importance of time…. armored outdoor fiber strands placed anywhere out on a perimeter used to send the cameras data out is mandatory. It also is extremely expensive to add unless……

Heightened-security Inc. provides for up to 8 strands of free fiber optic armored single mode within their new IDS perimeter security system. Besides getting a state of the art electronic resistance measuring sensored intrusion triggering mechanism, the fiber can be used to send back all the data necessary without the expenses of trenching and getting CCR’s approved.


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