Pool Security Protection – Gated Community

Pool security can help keep unwanted intruders from accessing the common area or expensive pool pump equipment. Does your iron four or five-foot high fence around your pools eliminate the community’s liability for the membership? The answer unfortunately is no. Nor does it eliminate the vandalism of the patio furniture, destruction of swimming pool changing room bathrooms or from rowdy drinking parties from intruders outside the community. Recently a HOA condo community in Florida lost a multi-million-dollar lawsuit when an outside teenager became paralyzed during an unauthorized night swim visit to their community owned while drinking.

How do you protect yourself and the community from this sort of activity?

Heightened-Security Inc. has invented a simple and stealthy method of protecting your pool assets and lower the liability damages by arming the entire pool with a perimeter notification system. This new system can perform several preventive and apprehension alarm techniques all at once.

The Heightened-Security system activates itself without guard intervention as it is always on. It senses exactly when and where any intrusion is taking place in real time and records that location and time to a log. It can be programmed to send out a silent alarm to any guard notification service or community security dispatch center in real time by text to any phone of that intruder’s location. It also can activate low voltage timed sound and timed floodlights at the location and activate cameras to DVR’s for recording the incident. The system can be hard wired or made wireless out to 6,500 feet away from the controller location. Another asset is the system’s ability to sense if anyone is near the pools filtration pumps often stolen from community pools at night or from large estates.

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