Protect Gates – Wired or Wireless

Gates come in three methods of functioning. They either Swing open, Bi-fold or use a Slide apparatus. We can protect gates of all three variations.

The ability to protect these types of gates located out on any perimeter is one of the most perplexing and difficult things to perform consistently. Usually because these points of entry/exit are the lowest in height, usually have nearby climbing landscape or protective ground points which can be used to get an edge up and over. And most importantly…. they all must be able to move. This makes them a favorite target of most thieves to gain access onto anyone’s property.

Older technology such a motion detectors, infra-red beams, etc. All promote false alarms of many sources…. weather and animals to name just a few. Unless…. you utilize the new technology of a wireless apparatus which reports to a controller set to provide 8 methods of communications to alarm systems. The system uses a pressure switch safely protected (UV) and stealthily color matched placed on top of the gate itself. So, who has such a system?

Heightened-Security Inc. has a solution for everything, let alone the answers for a moving gate wireless application. Utilizing the HS1 controller, H/S Inc. IDS system can identify perform every one of these functions in real time showing…

  • The exact location,
  • Activate a PTZ or fixed camera to that zoned gate location,
  • Start recording and log the time and place of any event.
  • Send a text message to any number of secure I-phones you designate.
  • Set off a low voltage timed siren
  • Set off a low voltage timed LED floodlight,
  • Turn on a timed amplified message, etc.

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