Alarm System – Protecting Equipment and Facilities – Safe from Theft!

Heightened-Security has the solution to protecting equipment and facilities.

Technology has finally come to the rescue of remote facilities and perimeters. Utilizing the ability to measure electronic resistance rather than depend on vibration fiber false alarm prone devices has been the key. No matter where you go in the world there is always vibration occurring naturally in the environment. It comes from the many animals (skunks, cats, possums, raccoons, rats, birds like hawks, mourning doves, road runners, ravens) and from weather like wind, rain and hail. Even natural growing weeds and plants, vines and bushes landscaping slowly moving in the wind sets of these older infra-red beams and motion detection devices. These create so many false alarms that most systems are shut off or ignored. When you ask these many fiber-vibration purveyors to give you in writing what the percentage of false alarms their systems will produce…. you will be shocked. More importantly informed and not investing in something which will not work to your high standards.

Remote facilities have unique opportunities to address. They are…

  • Power. How to get reliable power and sufficient power to the remote site.
  • If power is lost, how to still protect the asset with battery backup automatically and send out a signal of that power lost.
  • Tamper proof. How to make an alarm system in remote areas so they cannot be shut off by any thieves.
  • Alarms. How to utilize them, time them on, turn them off and reset them automatically.
  • Notification technology. How to send wireless WIFY data communications and real time camera recording to centralized stations or even to a person’s phone a text of questionable activity.

Until Now!

Using state of the art solar, tamper proof controller which can communicate loss of power, become battery backed, utilize wireless data communications, timed low voltage siren sound and visual floodlight alarms, even a recorded loud amplified message, zoned cameras…. everything required to prevent or apprehend criminal activity around your remote site.

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