Roof Security – Stop Copper Theft of HVAC

Roof security can be difficult to manage using beams or motion sensors, but with our system, the problem becomes easy to solve. Copper theft from rooftop HVAC units in the United States is now over a ONE BILLION DOLLAR industry. This astounding number is due to the precious metal market for thieves to easily access and steal while safely working their illegal trade up on roofs of businesses/homes in complete secrecy. But, that is not the real cost to businesses. The lost revenue during and the high replacement costs for businesses is three times that number.

Access onto any roof top is quite easy, usually thru permanent and safely placed ladders used for common maintaining of your businesses mechanical needs. Access panels into systems themselves are easily opened for the normal seasonal changing of filters and to work on the systems themselves. Crooks take complete advantage of that knowledge. Nothing is locked, even if it was….no one knows they are up there!

How many times have you seen the responding method of guard companies and police response to a business alarm. They take out their flashlight, move around the perimeter of the home or business checking for broken windows or doors to see if any access to the business has occurred. Meanwhile up on the roof, the copper theft robbery is, will or already taken place.

Heightened-Security Inc. has now come up with a safe, trigger weatherproof sensored wireless mat device that identifies when and where the criminals are up on the roof, setting off timed sound, timed lights, WIFI notification, text, or camera surveillance to your phone the activity of any intrusion up on your roof. This system protects any skylights, HVAC systems, access ladders, high windows… even roof penetration by highly skilled thieves. Hooked up to your existing alarm panel and using the same response monitoring company or police…. you stop this theft and damage.


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