List of Authorized Distributors/Sales Agents  

  Name Phone Number Primary Contact Website
Arkansas Firstline Associates  (214) 769-8295  E.J. Blue 
Northern California Warren Associates (925) 449-9000 Ed Hudgens
California Sampson Security Group   (949) 233-5350 Neil Sampson  
Colorado The JPL Group  (303) 990-5900  Joe LoGalbo
Delaware CM3  (215) 322-8400 Bill Lawrence 
Louisiana Firstline Associates  (214) 769-8295 E.J. Blue/Mikel Woods
Nevada, Las Vegas Valley KioLink
 (909) 957-2770 Serge Parsadaian 
Nevada (Outside Valley)  Nevada Solar Designs  (800) 868-4907 Bob Damrau
New Jersey CM3  (215) 322-8400 Bill Lawrence 
New York CM3  (215) 322-8400 Bill Lawrence 
Oklahoma Firstline Associates  (214) 769-8295 E.J. Blue 
Pennsylvania CM3  (215) 322-8400 Bill Lawrence  
Texas Firstline Associates  (214) 769-8295 E.J. Blue/Lee Pinion 


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