Secure Your Gated Community Before You Wish You Had

Every year at robbing time (just as the snow birds are about to go home for the long summer) homes get burglarized and home invasions start happening.

If you are one of the lucky ones not hit, you hope once again you’ll have another lucky year. Living in the State of California, that is playing Russian roulette with your family’s assets. Deductibles are usually 4 times the money required to fix the damages let alone replace the lost valuables.

With our politicians letting more and more criminals out giving early release programs from jails and prisons to ease their budgetary issues, more and more crime is being committed. Theft in our residential communities is now up 8%.

When asking criminals caught what turns them away from entering certain homes but breaking in to others….it is the use of hidden lights and loud noises. How to produce the right amount and type of lights exactly where needed and the right amount of noise but too much noise to violate city ordinances is the problem.

Heightened-Security’s new technology for perimeter alarming catches them out on your perimeter before they even got near your home. Don’t wait until they are breaking a window or jimmying your door locks. Once they have reached the inside of your house, they will be gone in 90 seconds or less with your valuables.

How do you make the ounce of prevention work? By triggering timed low voltage LED lights exactly out on the perimeter and sounding off a siren in short bursts. Both which do not violate any city codes and only where the intrusion was being attempted.

More importantly, you cannot drive your neighbors or the police crazy responding to false and expensive alarms. Our system only reacts to applied pressure of a human being and by using electronic resistance senses the exact location of the attempted climb. This is on a fence, a wall or on your gates for complete perimeter protection. No environmental weather or animal issues which cause 98% of the false alarms for older antiquated systems.