Requirements of A Great Perimeter Security System

What are the many elements that are requirements of a great perimeter security system?

  • Redundancy

Always utilize multiple techniques to catch, record and notify location any intrusion.

  • Protected Power

Get a power source that is reliable and if possible backed up with alternative methods such as solar or large enough battery capacity.

  • Unhackable

Make the system use a license key which can only be assessed by the client owner.

  • Weather protected

Make it so that during normally occurring environmental conditions such as bad weather, wind, rain, hail, snow and animal activity that the system still operates effectively without false alarms.

  • Zoned locations

The system must identify the triggering event to a preset location. Location, location, location is important.

  • Real time information

Most important is the timeliness of the information sent out as to where, when and how to get a response that works.

  • Active alarms

The alarms must be proactive. Reliable immediate timed sound and visual lit responses nearby and set out to dispatch, guard service or phone of the incident occurring NOW.

  • Eliminate human error

Make the system always on. Prevent human error of forgetting to turn on or off.

  • Easily installed and stealthy

It must be easily installed and it must be stealthy. Thieves cannot avoid what they cannot see.

  • Cost Effective

If you cannot afford it then the system has not ROI.

  • Easily repairable

The system must be fixed in an inexpensive manner and quickly if ever damaged.

  • No false alarms

No system can cry wolf. Only if it is a real human, during a climb onto a wall or fence should the system notify.

  • Wireless abilities

Utilize technology, don’t waste money on needless expensive trenching or permits.

  • Cameras abilities

Utilize the triggering mechanism of a good system to act by moving in real time to the location of the breach. Older camera systems just record history. Must have an active accurate trigger mechanism in place.

  • Data communication Abilities

No security system which cannot accurately and quickly communicate transmit information will work.


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